Monday, 8 February 2016

Colour Selections and Electrical Appointment

Start of the day

We woke up at 4am to catch the early flights. We arrived at 8.15am and I was feeling deflated after I found out Boutique Homes has change their pricing and their new base price (now listed on the website) is approx. +$10K less than our current one. That, and the fact that new customers get another $8,000 worth of bonus - either a luxury kitchen pack or higher ceiling (I WANTED THIS!). 

The colour appointment started with lengthy conversation on what have changed in the new plan, and why we are paying a LOT more when we signed up earlier. Some of the changes:

  • 6 star energy rating - only for BEST orientation (old version include ALL orientation). This look like a small details if you have North facing block, but could be an unknown cost if you have the most inefficient house plan. Double glazing is expensive and from memory, they will add approx. $1200 provisions for this in the new plan.
  • Bushfire provisions - this will increase by approx. $2000 (old plan at $5490) fly screen was no longer a standard inclusion.
  • Fly screen - no longer standard. You will need to add this yourself - from what I read in forum, will cost about $1000 for standard nylon mesh
  • Insulation - they downgrade the insulation quality (thought I didn't see the difference in writing). It will affect the 6 star rating assessment
  • Dishwasher and Microwave no longer included - if I exclude these from the old plan, it's about $900 back. Or if downgrade to Westinghouse, approx. $600 back
  • Glass splashback no longer standard inclusions, only tiles - if I exclude this from old plan, it's approx. $1000 back.
  • Tiles are no longer included for main area - not a big issue for those who choose laminate options
  • Standard laminate flooring - reduced to 3 options (was about 10 choices - the Rustic range and Nordic range)
  • Standard carpet choices - reduced to about 5 (was about 9 choices)
  • Standard cat 1 tiles are reduced - most tiles in cat 3 are now in cat 4, cat 4 in cat 5 etc
  • Garage - The wood colour (Caoba and Cedar) are no longer standard
  • Bathroom are now framed on pivot doors (they're ugly) - cost about $500 to make it frameless on pivot
  • ILVE appliances - now the lowest of the ILVE range. It used to be the highest of the range. This is no big deal unless you're a big cook. you can also choose to downgrade to Westinghouse
  • Internal door - reduced to 2040 (was 2340mm high) - again no big deal

We have decided to stay with our current PwC due to the unknown cost for 6 star energy rating. Still not sure if all of these worth +$10K but I reckon I can shave cost on selection if need be.

Colour Selection

Our current choices - not the best pics as I forgot my camera :-\
Tapwares selection is covered in the previous post :)

The full selection

Pompeii for coloured concrete driveway

Hakea door handles - matt silver for internal, gloss for entrace

Kitchen handles - the largest one (1534223) bathroom is the smaller one (1534217)

External selection
Roof - Gunmetal
Gutter - Basal to match the roof
Downpipe - Off white to hide it
Front door - Off white
Window frame - Silver
Brick - Praline (Cat 3)
Render - Flooded Gum
Garage - Caoba Mediterranian Profile

Laminate flooring - the lighter colour (Rustic Stone) - this is no longer Standard in the new pricing
Can only find the UK website for listing of the Bolero laminates
Kitchen selection
Top cabinet - Grey sheen
Bottom cabinet - Polar white sheen
Benchtop - Alpine Mist

Ensuite tiles - Category 2 Tiles - Full Tile option
Wall tiles - Dolomite Sand 300x600
Floor tiles (this will go up to one wall) - Dolomite Ash 300x600

Bathroom tiles - Category 3 Tile - Full tile options
Grey Matt Porcelain 300 x 600
It's category 4 on new pricing (but still category 3 for my option)

Stylus Banksia Upgrade

Cosmo 900mm double rail (600mm for bathroom as 900mm won't fit)

My carpet selection is the very left one. The grey one on the right no longer standard in new pricing.

Gunmetal roof (middle)

Laminate Floor options - no longer standard in new pricing.

Cat 2 tiles - Dolomite range

Ensuite colour - the very bottom one

Ensuite rail - Matt Silver (middle)
Carrara Bianco for kitchen splashback - matching the marblish benchtop

Ensuite and Bathroom vanity - Polytec Cherry Matt and Caesarstone Frosty Carrina

Example of wood looking tiles - I didn't choose this because it will look weird next to the laminate flooring

Electrical Appointment

The computer system were on maintenance, so we do this manually.

  • Oranges - light battens - there's probably about 38 of them
  • Blue - power points - need to count this
  • Orange TB - 2 Fluorescent lights for garage
  • Four Flood lights
  • Yellow - Enforced battens
  • Opted for surge protector
  • Two weatherproof power points 


  1. Exciting times! Bummer about the computers being down during your electrical.

    It looks like we may be selecting similar options and thanks for posting your electrical plan. It helps me pre-plan what we should do!

    Good luck!

    1. Glad to hear it might helps :) just a quick note that if you choose down lights (instead of battens) you might need a bit more lights depending on the wattage you choose. I'm trying to be as lean as possible and it is just not getting anything below $5k with the current choices :-0

      From memory, you are choosing refrigerated cooling? Did they upgrade your power supply to three phase? If yes your surcharge protector would be 3 x the price (I'm guessing because now you have 3 lines to protect). Ask for their price list if you have not so easier to plan.

  2. Hi,

    I am building an Oslo with Boutique and I have signed a contract around a year ago. a lot of these items were inclusions then. With our land titling later than expected, we are going to need to sign our contract again as the price has expired. I expect a price increase however it seems like a lot of the inclusions back then are an extra now which worries me. I suspect the cost of my build will significantly increase.

    1. Hi Adrian,

      If you sign last year the inclusions should be the ones in your PWC - maybe ask if you can re-price per your current choices?

    2. We are holding off on the reprice until we have further information regarding the titles of my land. I have no doubts they will keep my current choices, and also a price increase. my current worry is that with the changes of their current inclusions (which is one of the reasons i went with boutique in the first place) will increase my price by a lot more than what i might have anticipated. :(

    3. Hmm, really depends on your selection I think. If you chose ones that are still part of their current inclusions it should be ok. If you upgraded a lot, then expect 20-30% increase on upgrade price at least. What did you choose in general? :)

  3. i have deleted the microwave and downgraded the other applicances to westinghouse, looks like my credit for the microwave will disappear.

    a lot of my stuff are within the inclusions, those other upgrades that i went for i am content for a minor price increase. what disappoints me the most is the previous standard inclusions like flyscreens, tiles to main area, brickwork above garage, doors and windows, garage door colour, internal door heights at 2340 etc, all of these that I do want, are now extras.

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Flycreen should not be expensive even if you add it yourself
      Tiles, I'm not sure about the cost now
      Garage door - if you choose Caoba or Cedar it will be about $500 now
      Notv sure about the internal door height but adding your ceiling to 2700 will kinda create the same effect of open space (I think)
      Also note that boutique cut their price for about 10k from base, so I'm guessing asher all the items added back, fingers crossed the total might not be too much more for you

    2. yup. I upgraded my ceiling height to 2700. and yeah my hope is the reduction of the base price will not increase the total price by too much. thanks for the heads up on some of the prices :)

      where are you building by the way?

    3. I'm building in Tarneit :) our land is delayed by about 6 months now and am still waiting (arghhh). How about you?

    4. building in truganina.. so we are not too far apart! initially supposed to title august last year. and looks like it will happen august this year. frustrating part is i signed a contract with boutique to lock in the price until march this year cause i thought it would title by early this year latest.

    5. Oh very close! When is the sunset date for your land in the contract? You might be able to get the land developer to compensate you ...

    6. unfortunately the sunset clause is 2 years

    7. Darn, mine is next year I think. So if they are late again and hit that date, I think I can ask for compensation.