Tuesday, 22 March 2016

OOT - Other house plans and similar house plans I like

We are still waiting news from Boutique -_-

So in the meantime, I'm doing window shopping for other house plans :)

Two storey houses

I grew up in two storey houses. Our block is rear facing North East, so it is actually best for plans with living room and big windows at the back - pretty much most two level houses. 

The plans I like are the ones that's not too big - I will never get why each bedroom need an ensuite. I also try to keep main bedroom on the ground floor when possible as we have a small dog.

Emporio ER428 - Mainvue

Base prices - looks like $2K increase every 2-3 months or so 

  1. 21 Mar 2016 $277,900
  2. 5 Mar 2016 $275,900
  3. 12 Mar 2015 $263,900

Dimension 18.48m x 11.75m
Floor size 34.86sq / 323.9m2

Fits our land perfectly, allows for bigger backyard and pool :)

I also like the small pillar to the alfresco, i.e. more open plan feeling.

Ground floor

First floor

Airlie 33 Master on Ground - Boutique Homes

Base price:

  • 21 Mar 2016 $284,900

Dimension 19.55m x 11.39m
Floor size  306.96m²/33.04sq

Similar floor plan to Emporio. I like the option to keep master bed on ground floor. Sliding door to alfresco has big pillar - this will be costly to remove.

note: Ground floor ensuite - that toilet need to be moved to the other side.
Ground floor - master on ground option
First floor

Caesar - Henley

Base price:

  • 21 Mar 2016 $229900

Dimension 17.7m x 10.67m
Floor size 29.63sq /275.3sqm

Smallest of the 3 - the most basic in terms of inclusions

One storey houses

Sienna 24 - Arden Homes

Base prices:

  • Mar 2016 $222,900 - they do have a better inclusions on some aspects

Dimension 24.60m x 11.3m
Floor size 24.2 squares 
Thinner and longer than St Tropez 25. I like the idea of sun court on the side. With the width, I can add a pool nicely right next to the sun court. The positioning makes the pool more accessible, and visible from the kitchen :)

Ivory IV432 - Mainvue

Base prices:

  • 23 Mar 2016 $212,900
  • 11 Mar 2015 $199,900

Dimension 24.88 x 12.59 
Floor size 28.86sq / 268.1m2

This ivory is a 3 bedroom house - though you can change that Theatre into another bed. Dimension is bigger than St Tropez 25 which means each room is bigger.


  1. Are you still waiting on Boutique? Seems like you have been waiting a long time?!

    1. Hi Ben!

      They did got back to us last month with extension time :D I didn't have time to update the blog as i was travelling out of the country recently. Just trying to get back to it with the actual building contract etc. Our final land engineering plan just came out, which is quite different from the original so also waiting to make sure it won't affect our contract. 😅

      How's things going for you?

    2. Ahhh, good to hear about the extension.

      We have hit the witing period now. Signed final contracts on the build and have approved the pool quote (just need to sign the contract).

      Land is due to title next month and according to our developer still on track to make that date. Just need to wait for the confirmed title and settlement so Boutique can take over! Can't wait to start updating the blog with constructions pictures!

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