Monday, 25 January 2016

The hunt for Caesarstones samples

I have not received my Caesarstones samples from the website, so decided to hunt for ones, aka. visiting some kitchen and bathroom renovation stores.

I have always like Alpine Mist, so that's definitely on the list :)

Current bench-top selection:

  • Alpine Mist for the kitchen. This is an upgrade to category 3
  • Frosty Carina for ensuite and bathroom. This is an upgrade to category 3


  • Organic White for ensuite and bathroom. This is an upgrade to category 2. Hubby said Ensuite need to be on higher range, so if ensuite is Organic white, the other should be organic white too :p

I like the creamy Dreamy Marvil too for bathroom, but it has "lux" feeling. It might difficulty matching the colour and style into the bathroom.

Alpine mist vs. Bianco Drift on Caesarstone Supernatural Range

Alpine Mist vs Statuario Nuvo (veins not very visible in this sample)

Alpine Mist vs. Dreamy Marfil on Caesarstone Supernatural range 
Bianco Drift on kitchen table - not bad but I think I prefer slightly less patterns
Sleek Concrete on Deluxe range
Raw concrete on Deluxe range
Snow vs. Alpine Mist

Frosty Carina - kinda like this for bathroom :)
Ravine Polytech samples - Love the Drifted Oak...


  1. Love alpine mist cause of the white patterns in it...but for kitchen, Id go 100% with calacatta Nuvo!!!! :) Gorgeous!!

    1. Would love that too, but they're on the highest category and the upgrade price is not inviting :-| I love alpine mist though, that subtle grey :)