Monday, 1 February 2016

Polytec cabinet colour samples

Finally got some samples arrived on the mail :)

Ordered the maximum samples from Polytec, mainly on their lighter range colours - Oak and Walnut. 

Ravine Bleached Walnut
Ravine Soft Walnut
Marni Lini Matt

Washed Oak Matt
Not a good pic, but this is the few Matt Range. Very flat texture (i.e. no wood grains feel by touch)
Actually, I quite like Marni Lini Gloss
White Wood Matt
Marni Lini Gloss

Riga Salt Fine Grain - some texture

Ravine Drifted Oak - it has texture

Laminate - Ravine Bleached Walnut and Ravine Soft Walnut
Caesar stone samples from the mail. Can you guess the colour? ;)
Top left - Organic White
Top right - Alpine Mist
Bottom left - White shimmer
Bottom right - sleek concrete
Another Caesarstones samples
Top left - Dreamy Marvil
Top right - Bianco Drift
Bottom left - Frosty Carina
Bottom right - London Grey

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