Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Visiting Random Display Houses

I'm itching to see new houses, so we went to display house in our area. Definitely not the same as one in VIC (they are all different builders) but enough to give us a bit more ideas on what we likes and what we don't like.

Don't like: 

  • Not a fully tiled ensuite/ bathrooms. They can look unfinished. So back to drawing board and see our budget to fully tile at least the ensuite
  • Small tiles especially on wet areas. Why do they spend nothing on area that's so much cheaper to upgrade?
  • Extra glossy wood grain cabinets (scroll to see pic)
  • Dark/ yellowish benchtop on bathroom and ensuite
  • Large tiles
  • Large shiny tiles
  • Large shiny light coloured tiles :p
  • Pool!
  • Strategic use of mirrors. If you go to any display homes, look at where they put the mirrors - this is their tips on how to make the place feels bigger ;)
  • Clean modern kitchen

Some random photos. I have about 300 photos but can't upload all of course.

Shiny! I like their mirror tricks along the bottom, making the place bigger

Hubby likes this tile

I like the round chairs... not very ergonomic though

Landscaping ideas - but maybe not with loose stones

Nice pendant lights

An idea for not so plain toilet

Tile colours

Black kitchen - not my taste but nice to see example nevertheless

Unique looking table :)

Another wall ornament, making the place less empty

More tile samples

Kinda like this floor tiles
Shiny wood pattern cabinets. Just not for me.
Kitchen - Like this one. Nice and modern

One display with pool on the backyard. Big YES
Fully tiled pool with acrylic wall
Nice neat landscaping next to pool
The black benchtop and white silicon lining on basin - too apparent and not great
Small fibreglass pool - the concrete ones above looks better I'd say

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