Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Land Estate

We visited Melbourne last weekend,  mainly to see our dirt in HD resolution ;) 

The earlier stage of the estate have been titled and it gave us some idea on how big the place would be, and how the estate would look like. In general I think our land will... look pretty small!

Also visited the Pacific Werribee plaza which is about 10 mins drive from the estate. Apparently Uniqlo and H&M have just opened on the Saturday, no wonders the place was very crowded. I'm loving the glass roof :)

The estate

Sleeky new Tarneit Station

Pacific Werribee



  1. The estate looks very clean! Are you opposite a park land open space area?

    Pacific Werribee is getting bigger and bigger every year. Once the area builds up around it, it will be a very nice area to live!

  2. Stage one and two have lots that are facing the park, our lot won't be but hopefully will still feel quite open.
    Hehe, yes the development around the area is part of our consideration... hoping that they'll fix the traffic on peak hours first though

  3. The plaza has had a couple of nice upgrades, the restaurant/dining/cinemas is relatively new too. They now have a 2 storey myer instead of what looked like a poorly run and discount store myer ( it appeared to give off this vibe low lower than Kmart or big w with RRP pricing) which was sad as if was a 'Myer' for our side of town which looked in the dumps from the word go to be honest!
    I'm thrilled that I can now consider Pacific Werribee to shop as I always ended up at Highpoint for the better shops. That sounds poshy, I don't mean it like that and I'm closer to the other end haha. Werribee now has a nice mix of shoes/clothes/makeup/homewards from all price ranges which is what I look for when shopping. :) it's a nice improvement for 'Wezza Plaza'.

    Traffic on this side of town is always aweful, we are building in Point Cook and the main road is terrible. It used to be all farm area. It's amazing how the past 16 years have created this younger suburb!

    1. We visited the plaza end of last year and it didn't have the otger shops yet, so definetely better now :D
      Haven't gone to Highpoint tho, but I hope its better than Chadstone or Doncaster(wasn't liking Chadstone as much as people say... 🙈

      I hope traffic will get better once the proper infrastructure is in, weekends are never bad but I can't be sure on weekdays