Friday, 11 March 2016

Just hanging around and doing this waiting game...

Really prefer not to redo all these :( 

We have our colour selection new pricing from our lovely pre-start consultant. From what I can see, the upgrades are at least 25% more expensive than the old price. Plus items that were standard were no longer standard. We need to think hard and make list of the items to compare old and new - hoping to get the full picture next week, when our sales consultant is back. It's just a waiting game now, but some notes:

  • Caoba and Cedar garage door - now $500 ish (was standard)
  • ILVE Dishwasher - $1000 (was standard)
  • Mail box - almost double the price
  • 1020mm wide glass sliding door - increase by 25% despite it's a lower door (2040 height instead of 2340)
  • Ensuite frame upgrade from Euro Crystaltec Range to Crystaltec range - $360
  • All full wall tiling to wet area - increase by about 40% in price, plus most Cat 3 tiles are now in Cat 4. 
  • Brick Cat 3 - increase by approx. 20%

Adding all the items back in plus a promo - we will end up with similar pricing, maybe cheaper depends on pricing from the sales agent. 

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