Friday, 11 March 2016

OOT - Do you customise your floorplans?

Some out of topic post :)

When I 'shop' for a builder and houseplan, I usually find that the smaller version of the floorplan is more efficient in design when compared to the larger size.

Larger size usually come with more luxuries - bigger room, bigger kitchen, bigger all. But sometimes it also come with larger hallway, some unused nook, walk in laundry (that not everyone need), etc. 

Below is some of the changes that I might make if I choose other (smaller) Boutique plans - Oslo 24, Marseille 26 and Barcelona 22. 

Note: I try to remove unused hallways and nooks doesn't mean it's a good/ better house plan ;)

Barcelona 22 - Standard come with 3 bed and no alfresco
Changes - I'd like to see the kitchen on the otherside with window splashback. Add e-zone and also add full size alfresco at the back.

Marseille 26 

Oslo 24 - rear bedroom version and standard version

Do you customise your floorplans? 

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