Monday, 11 January 2016

Colour Selection Booked, Thinking of landscaping, etc.

Our colour selection and electrical appointment is booked on 5 February! Good timing as it's also the time for Melbourne Swimming and Spa expo.

Ticket all booked as well. I will post the selections and the expo pictures later :)

The only downside is that Boutique admin just told me that the company that do the electrical appointment would have a system maintenance on the day. So it will be done manually.... oh well!

In the meantime, I'm thinking about landscaping for the backyard (front yard is prepped by the land developer). How do people go about it? Do they get someone to design them?

My requirements are not to difficult:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Simple and neat
  3. Fully enclosed
  4. Only dog friendly plants
  5. Space saving garden (i.e. vertical garden)
  6. Damn good drainage plan
  7. Swimming far as possible from the house and close as possible to the easement (there's 2m easement at the back)

This is the mock up I came up with. Who plan your landscaping?

Version 1:

  1. Pool at the back, as close as possible to the easement. 
  2. Pool size is about 2.5m width max, length about 10-12m

Version 2

  1. Pool as close as possible to the boundary
  2. Pool on the west size and hopefully warmer in the afternoon due to western sun
  3. Pool size ideally about 2m width. This put the pool build into the concrete pool category as none of the fibreglass option is this thin.

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