Monday, 18 January 2016

Visiting AustralBricks Design Studio...

Apparently there is a design studio for AustralBricks 5 minutes from my workplace. So I went there to pick up some bricks :D

Now, they don't have the full range for Victorian Bricks (NSW has different range), but some of them are available and some of the one I'm thinking about. They look so different from the brochure, so peeps, make sure you check the colour in person. 

Photos :) 

Australbricks design studio in the CBD

On the top left, the two smaller bricks, my favorite Ultra Smooth Jazz
and Chill. They're Group 15 on the list and I have got no idea yet how much it would cost for the upgrade (cry).

The bottom left line smaller bricks (left to right) are La Paloma Miro (group 13) and Ultra Smooth Rythm (group 15). I kinda like the Miro in this instance, but Rythm can be quite pretty too.

The right side from top to bottom - Indulgence Praline (group 3), Access Ash (group 2) and Access Fawn (group 2). If I need to choose the three, I think I'd tend towards Praline.

Other samples I saw
Access Cream is one of the default.
Not liking the Redgum as it is too red
Harvest cotton is in Category 2 if I remember right,
better less yellow colour
Biscotti - a bit dark?

Another picture of Access Cream
The Ultra Smooth range. They're expensive!!

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