Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Pool oh pool, which one would you be?

DH ideal house has a piano. My ideal house has a lap pool. These are some of the basis of our choice of land and house plan. 

In the ideal world, I need a minimum 25m pool. Now. It won't fit in the current house plan and will be too expensive. Smaller lap pool is possible though (still signed with blood), just consider it like a stepping stone to get there :) 

The pool size I'm considering is approx. 10-12m in length and as close to 2m width as possible. Remember this landscaping mock up? This is the default plan for now. It allows slightly wider pool so I can actually choose a fibreglass poll - albeit the lap pool series. 

The two obvious pool choices are: 
  • Concrete pool
  • Fibreglass pool 
There are four local companies that install the both the concrete pool and fibreglass pools in my area. All of them would have a stand in the Pool and Spa expo. I'm hoping to bring the finalised house sitting to get a more accurate quote :)

Initial quote below. I can't help but feel like concrete pool would be the better option at this point...


Luxury lap pool, anyone?

I have got the quote for a concrete pool: $49,865 including GST


12 x 2m and 1.3m depth. 


  1. Engineering Design & Structural Computations, Building permit, 2 x Certified Building Inspections (one for steel & one for fencing)
  2. Certificate of Currency for the Builders’ Insurance is issued and included, General Public and Product Liability Insurance is also included
  3. A 5 to 10 tonne Excavator will be used to complete the pool dig, size pending on access.
  4. The cartage of clean spoil is included up to 15km from the site address. All cartage fees beyond 15km are extra, unless stated otherwise in the contract.
  5. The pool consists of a steel structure spaced at 300mm centres vertically and horizontally or as instructed as per engineering plans, all at Australian Standards
  6. The floor of the pool consists of 75mm of course aggregate to assist in the drainage to the hydrostatic relief valve, which is located at the lowest point of the excavation.
  7. The Skimmer and weir are designed to surface skim your pool from leaves and debris to assist in keeping your water flow at maximum rate ensuring the health if the pools water using 50mm piping. 
  8. The water is returned into the pool through 2 x 40mm pool returns.
  9. Pneumatically sprayed concrete, hand trimmed to a minimum of 150mm and a minimum wall meet floor radius of 180mm (as per Australian Standards)
  10. Pool concrete sprayed at a minimum of 32 mpa at 28 days
  11. 6 Year Structural warranty.
  12. Filter - Astral Cantabric Sand Filter with Glass media combined with an
  13. Pump - Astral Viron P320 EVO pump, with power savings of up to $800 per annum. Backwash point required. Up to 7year warranty.
  14. Coping - supply & lay of 250mm x 500mm x 20mm Exfoliated Granite Coping, Sandstone or Bluestone coper,
  15. Waterline tiles - Italpro range of Ceramic Mosaic tiles, a 180mm waterline tile (48mm x 48mm) 15 different colours is available
  16. Interior finish - Silkstone Interior, any colour choice. Silkstone Interior backed by 7 year warranty. 
  17. Lights - 4 x Spa Electrics EMC, LED Single colour light, this is flush mounted creating superior lighting in your pool. Multi colour also available in upgrades. 
  18. Running of all light cables to plant location and transformer installation is included as standard. (Electrical connections are not included)
  19. The Astral EQ25 PH self cleaning and self testing Salt Chlorinator combined with a PH doser designed to deliver accurate chlorination utilizing the  salt to sanitize your pool for the health of the whole family. The PH doser is also designed to measure and deliver pool acid as required, to ensure a stable chemical balance for your swimming pool.
  20. Solar heating - Supreme Heating Solar. Designed to suit Australia’s climate, carries a 15 year warranty and will reduce heating costs by harnessing the sun’s heat, delivering this free heat direct to your pool. 
  21. All of our solar systems are run on their own independent and dedicated lines. Your system will run using a solar Boost pump as well as a digital remote sensor temperature controller, programmable to suit your swimming temperature needs. 100% coverage of 24sqm is required to satisfactorily heat your pool. 
  22. Deluxe handover kit, with telescopic pole, leaf scoop, Vacuum and hose, Brush, Test kit and start up chemicals along with full instruction on the use and maintenance of your pools operation and chemical requirements combined with start up of chemicals and equipment by one of our trained pool technicians. We also supply an owner’s manual and full ongoing after sales service available on request.

  1. Town Planning
  2. Out of ground formwork
  3. Cross over deposit
  4. Rock Excavation
  5. Shoring of below ground
  6. Overburden
  7. Safety fence
  8. Backwash connection to Sewer
  9. Electrical, Gas and Sewer connections
  10. Relocation of service lines
  11. Bobcat

Also doesn't include pavings, fencing and robotic cleaner. Pebble pool surface (not fully tiled) 


As for fibreglass, it's a bit more difficult as several different provider around. I narrowed it down to two manufacturer of the shell: 

Compass Pool

Their Fast Lane range has a dimension of either 10.3 or 12.3 x 2.78m externally

Sample pool
3D look of the Fast Lane pool shelf

They can't provide quote over the phone, but price indication is approx. $50k+ including the automatic in floor cleaning.

The colour I want is closer to Atlantic or Pacific (prefer a deep blue)
Bi-Luminite Pacific
Bi-Luminite Atlantic

Aqua Technic

This is a WA based pool manufacturer. The range I'm looking at is either 

  1. Ultimo 11.4 x 2.9m or 
  2. Primo 9.4 x 2.9m (external measures)

The colour I'm looking at
Pool ColourGuard® Starlite Cosmic blue
Pool ColourGuard® Marble Assana blue
The Crystite® Deluxe series Twilight
The Crystite® Classic series Azure blue


Quoted price: $39,024.08  plus 100% solar heating $4,450 --> Round it up to $45,000

Quoted price: $37,945  plus 100% solar heating $4,200 --> Round it up to $42,500

Only $2500 difference to the larger size

  1. Excavation and installation of the pool chosen
  2. Engineering drawings
  3. Domestic building insurance
  4. Building permit
  5. Standard excavation including cartage up to 8km from site (inferior to concrete pool quote at 16km)
  6. Base and stabilized backfill material for standard excavation
  7. Delivery of pool shell to site and placed up to 12m by crate truck
  8. Pipes and fittings
  9. Solar provisions
  10. Hydro-static pressure valve
  11. Filtration - Astral ZX250 cartridge filter
  12. Pump - Astral P320 26 variable speed, 8 star energy rating (same as concrete pool quote)
  13. Water sanitation - Astral EQ18 Self Cleaning Chlorinator with pH control and ORP automatic adjustment system (inferior to the salt water chlorinator quoted for concrete pool)
  14. Skimmer box - one surface skimmer
  15. Return to pool - 2 return jet lines complete with adjustable eyeball outlets
  16. Pool lighting - 2 x spa electric high performance multi-coloured LED (less light than the concrete pool quote, but multicoloured LED instead)
  17. Agricultural and underfloor pumping system
  18. Steel reinforced concrete bond beam
  19. Temporary pool fence hire for 6 weeks
  20. Start-up chemical
  21. Training on operation and maintenance of the pool

  1. Solar heating between $4,200 to $4.450
  2. Crane $1,200
  3. Bobcat $1,100

Not included:
  1. Soil/ Geotechnical report
  2. Relocation of services on proprty
  3. Excavation of rocks
  4. Asset protection permit through council
  5. Electrical and gas provision

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